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Joaquin the songwriter

Joaquin is an American singer/songwriter based out of Los Angeles, California. Joaquin Howard co-wrote the title track “Listen” on the new David Guetta album with John Legend, Jason Evigan, and Austin Bisnow. He has has also written songs with emerging artists Sam Martin and Charles Perry.

Joaquin the painter

J. Howard began to paint six years ago after watching a documentary about Pablo Picasso.

“I remember while watching the documentary something clicked in my mind and I realized that I wanted to be a painter, and that I would paint for the rest of my life.”

Fueled with this awakened passion, he went out the following day and purchased a few raw canvasses and art supplies that would open up a world for which he was destined. In less than three months his entire one bedroom apartment was filled with stacks and stacks of large paintings. To say he is consumed with the passion for creating art would be an understatement. He works on multiple paintings at once and paints or draws every single day. He has received formal training the last four years by accomplished fine artist Tammy Howard, a graduate of The American Academy of Art Chicago.

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